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Federation Vision

Our Strategic Vision and Aims for 2016 - 2019


The Federation of Pinvin First and St. Nicholas Middle Schools will become the community’s school of choice. It will be a centre of excellence, providing a child-centred education in which all pupils flourish, learn and develop to the best of their abilities and to the highest possible standard.  Our motto is that ‘Together we inspire, discover and achieve’.  Through this approach all our pupils will be made ready for the next stage of their educational journey. On leaving the Federation they will have the knowledge, skills and degree of personal development they need in order to succeed as life-long learners.

In January 2016 we shared the Federation motto with the pupils and staff through an extended Collective Worship.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PRESENTATION

Our Strategic Aims Our Key Performance Indicators

Progress and achievement:

The Federation’s Christian Values and rights respecting ethos will be one in which all pupils grow and develop in an environment that focuses on standards of progress and achievement, attendance, conduct, moral purpose, integrity and concern for others.

Through the eyes of a pupil:

We will focus on getting the very best out of everyone in everything.

  • By the time the pupils leave the Federation they can talk confidently about how Christian Values have impacted on them as individuals.
    • 85% of our pupils reach Age Related Expectations in each year group.
    • Those pupils who do not meet Age Related Expectations, statistically “narrow the gap”.
    • GCSE outcomes for the Federation’s pupils are above national performance indicators.
    • The Federation is at least in line with national standards for attendance.
    • The Federation achieves the Rights Respecting Schools Award or its equivalent.

Teaching and Learning:

The Federation’s pupils will enjoy and benefit from the highest quality teaching and learning, delivered by professionals who are pupil-centred, passionate about their roles, and experts in their fields.

Through the eyes of a pupil:

We will provide the best possible teaching that meets the needs of each and every pupil.

  • Teaching is judged as consistently good or above, over time, across all phases of learning.
  • External reports formally judge the Federation’s areas of best practice to be outstanding.
  • Records show that the Federation’s best practice is successfully shared with local schools.


The Federation will be financially sound; managing its income, expenditure and resources in ways which will have a demonstrably positive impact on pupil outcomes.

Through the eyes of a pupil:

We will use our money wisely, providing the best education we can.

  • External reports confirm that the Federation’s educational provision is value for money.
  • Outcomes for all pupils, including the most vulnerable, exceed national expectations for academic achievement and attendance.
  • The Federation’s infrastructure and resources are seen as areas of strength.

Stakeholder Voice:

The Federation will be a community in which all stakeholders have a voice and feel valued; ensuring that they contribute to the development of our own future through the systematic sharing of news, ideas, developments, achievements, celebrations, needs and concerns.

Through the eyes of a pupil:

We will listen to, and act upon, the ideas of every adult and child who is a part of the Federation.

  • The minutes of the Federation ‘s Pupil Parliaments contain evidence of their contribution to positive change.
  • The annual survey of parents’ views shows that 100% of parents would recommend the Federation to others.

Seamless Education and Transition:

The Federation will work pro-actively with other schools, not only in the Avonbrook Cluster but also in the wider Pershore Pyramid and beyond; ensuring that the education of all, from pre-school to the end of High School, is supported by seamless transitions from one stage to the next.

Through the eyes of a pupil:

We will make pupils’ journeys through the Federation, from Nursery to GCSE and beyond, a smooth one.

  • External reports confirm that the Federation’s approach to educational transition, meeting the needs of all learners, is outstanding.
  • Pupils, at each phase of their education in the Federation, make at least expected progress.

Best practice:

The Federation will develop its in-house expertise and raise standards of progress and achievement to the extent that it becomes a best practice school: sharing proven expertise in order to help other schools build their own expertise and progress.

Through the eyes of a pupil:

The Federation will be a leading school in the area, one that we are all proud to be a part of.

  • The Federation generates income from providing specialist support to other schools
  • The Federation team is working across more than the two schools.
  • The Federation provides a lead in specific aspects of its work at Local Authority and Diocesan level.